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Business is a skill, profession and knack not everyone is able to master. Some have to study hard and work their way to the top of the ranks in order to excel at their business professions or dealings. On the other hand, some are just street smart and have learned it the hard way through life experiences that makes them good at what they do in terms of business. Put together here, in this category of the Business article collection, you will find basics of what it takes to do business, run a project or just be a good leader for your team.


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How Infomercials Improve Business Performance

Image depicts Business buildings

Infomercial companies have revolutionized the face of marketing and advertising. They have made a huge impact on companies resulting in effective business strategies and better business performance.  Check out the many ways infomercials have changed the face of business advertising.

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Time allotment for a business meetingTime Allotment for a Business Meeting

Every business meeting that is held has to be centered around a particular time-frame. This would depend on what a business has  outlined on its business agenda. Herein, find details of time schedules and agendas of a typical business 


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CMSDetermine the Best Content Management System for Your Project Needs

While there are many Content Management Systems in the market, not all of them are viable, operational or exclusive to suit a client's purpose. There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to CMS and hence a specific choice has to be made based on the requirement. 

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You Have to Organize a Meeting.  How Do You Create a Meeting Agenda?

How to create a meeting agenda

When it's time for you to organize a meeting, how will you create a business meeting agenda?  This article takes the reader through easy steps on creating an agenda that is successful and ultimately fulfills the scope of the meeting. 


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How to Start a Home Cleaning Business

start a home cleaning business

Starting a home cleaning business may seem easy at first, but working it as a full time business requires focus, dedication and passion.  Find tips on how to start your own house cleaning business without the unwanted hassles. 


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Project Management Principles

Project Management Processes

Project Management essentially follows some basic principles that help guide a project.  From the very start of planning a project, to it's completion, find the main project management principles that play a major role in the success of your project. 

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How to Market Your Small Business

Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

When you start out as a proprietor, keep in mind that there are many ways to market your small business. Get the right help and tips to effectively market your small business. 

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