Writing Guidelines

When a writer chooses to write for Mandy's Pages, there are a few guidelines that have to be followed.  These guidelines are simple, structured rules that with a little bit of practice can turn an article into a total success.  While there isn't always guarantee that these rules 'always' work in favor of an article, these rules have been put into place to ensure that the articles comply with what Google finds favorable, and SEO-friendly. Moreover, these rules ensure that all submissions at Mandy's Pages are vetted for uniformity, strength of keywords and an overall pleasant read. 

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Writing Guidelines

Mandy’s Pages welcomes writers from diverse fields to contribute written content. To ensure compliance with Google Panda’s directions, enable SEO friendly structuring and also uniformity of style throughout the site, there are a set of ‘writing guidelines’ that a writer is required to follow. Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting content at Mandy's Pages. 

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