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Personal FinancePersonal Finance is a subject that deals with everything related to earnings and finance.  It basically reflects one's application of financial rules and principles to balance out expenditure with income or with short or long terms goals of investments and savings. Personal finance also deals with the risks involved with juggling financial decisions while providing helpful tips, tricks, suggestions and guidelines to take you on a better run with your money. 



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This is the second article in the series of financial planning articles by Stanley Courage Dugah. In this, the writer stresses on the need for an individual to aim for financial prosperity after one reaches financial stability.  The easy steps in this article are a continuation of the first part: Three Easy Tips On How to Manage Your Money.

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Futures contracts are standardized instruments, settled daily through the exchange on the settlement price agreed between two parties. However, they are a risky investment that should be avoided by beginner investors. Generally, futures trading requires taking into consideration the risk involved that is related to market fluctuations.

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When you are limited in your financial freedom, take time to reassess these three tips on how to manage your money.  This one-page article on money management as an inclusive aspect of personal finance; argues for the need to use a financial plan with outlined steps to money management. This is the first part of the series on financial planning which is followed by Take Your Financial Plan to the Next Level. 

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