Winners of Tanka Time 2019 


Tanka Time 2019 was held during the month of March 2019. Sixteen poets submitted tanka based on the theme "Healing". Special cheers to Susan Burch for organizing this challenge and communicating with the contestants for the voting procedure. We are humbled and honored that you chose to participate in this challenge. Thank you so much for the same.


Congratulations to the top 'four' entries of this friendly challenge.  The First Place winner will receive USD 20 for their winning tanka. All the winners will receive an e-Certificate of Merit.




First Place - 16 Points


the last orchid

from its pot

I accept

 my infertility


- Lori A Minor


Second Place – 15 points 


sunlight bathes

the hospital window

my desire

rises to run out barefoot

after the ice cream truck 


- Pris Campbell


Third Place Tie – 9 points each 

because he can

my brother knocks me

off my bike

on my knee a scar

long past healing


- Roberta Beary



no treatment

for my daughter's rare disease

I administer

large doses

of love and laughter


- Robin Anna Smith


 Image Credit: Elias healing the son of the widow, engraving, Wikimedia Commons.