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The Project Management Category pertains to all aspects of carrying out a project.  There is a great deal of planning, insight, surveying, study and delegation that goes into a project that has made project management  grow to become a specialized field in not just Management or Business but also in areas such as IT and Engineering. Right from the planning  to its completion, various aspects of the project phases may be described here.

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Project Management Principles

Project Management Processes

Project Management essentially follows some basic principles that help guide a project.  From the very start of planning a project, to it's completion, find the main project management principles that play a major role in the success of your project. 

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CMSDetermine the Best Content Management System for Your Project Needs

While there are many Content Management Systems in the market, not all of them are viable, operational or exclusive to suit a client's purpose. There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to CMS and hence a specific choice has to be made based on the requirement. 

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