A perpetual source of information and a continuous inspiration for the present, history is a fascinating research area and a passion for many people. Advanced civilizations existed thousands of years ago and they left their traces in different parts of the world. The concrete or abstract tools we are currently using have a history of their own. In this section of our website, you will find articles on the way various concepts developed, on the factors that influenced their evolution and explain their current shape or status. Whether you want to know how the concept of time zones appeared or you want to get background information on a specific topic, check our History section regularly. 


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The concept of the time zones was never always there.  It came about as a result of careful study, and of course navigational experience.  The history of time zones is an interesting story as it takes you back to the time when early man depended on the sun.  How different can that be from now, you may ask. Not very different, but yet entirely different too.. although it began with the sun.  

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