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Food & DrinkFood and drink ... our basic needs. 


A lot of our life centers around the food we enjoy or the drink we relish. What makes food special to us?  What makes professionals experiment recipes to no extent to get them to perfection?  Why do foods taste the way they do?


This section of the site takes a look at random aspects of food.  It might be a recipe or an instructional manual for carrying out a task.  Use this information to better your knowledge of the various food choices of your liking. 


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How to Can the Vegetables from Your Garden

canned vegetablesVegetables may be preserved in many forms.  One of them is the 'canning' method which not only has an interesting story behind it, but has also  helped preserve and store huge quantities of food. The canning revolution, though an extension of the fast-food chain, can take an organic, healthy twist when adopted at home. 


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How to Dry and Store Vegetables

Dry vegetablesDehydrating or drying vegetables is an age-old method of preserving vegetables. It increases the shelf-life of vegetables and transforms them into readily usable cooking forms.  Moreover it is a convenient way to store bulk quantities of vegetables.  How do you dry vegetables? 


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 How to Freeze and Keep the Vegetables You've Grown

Freezing vegetables can save your family from excessive waste and also help improve the shelf-life of vegetables. How is freezing done? 


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