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Mandy's Pages Turns Two

Mandy and Mike launched this website on February 29, 2012.  Together, they have worked towards creating a unique product with the interest of 'the writer' in mind. Happy Birthday Mandy's Pages. 

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Happy Birthday Mandy's Pages


Mandy's PagesToday Mandy's Pages completes one year on the World Wide Web.  Visit some of the achievements. There are articles, books, author reviews and book reviews. Plus there's even more at Mandy's Market. 


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Welcome to Mandy's Pages

Amanda DcostaOne of the main aspects of Mandy’s Pages is the user-friendly interface, where the interest of each writer is upper-most in the list of priorities. As they say in the retail industry, ‘unhappy sales-staff makes for unhappy customers’, it is important to me that every writer at Mandy’s Pages receives ample amount of credit for their wonderful writing talent.

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