Start Your Own House Cleaning Business

Starting a home cleaning business can be just the right solution for your unemployment crisis.   It may be a while before you are able to put your feet up on your desk with a comfortable managerial position, but in time you may be a very successful manager of your house cleaning business.  Starting a home cleaning business has a simple format after the initial hiccups are taken care of.

Here's how to start your own home cleaning business.  While there are only a few variables involved, it can be tricky getting these variables organized initially.

• Is a home cleaning business for you?

Yes, the motivation to start a business and work hard may be there.  But, are you ready to take up cleaning assignments and contracts?  Are you wiling to get your hands dirty, pick up and throw out trash that might be messy or clean soiled toilets that might even make you puke with disgust?  Would you be willing to do this on a daily basis with great pride in your work?  Think along these lines before making a decision to start a home cleaning business as this would be the nature of work involved.

• Financial investment:

Like any business, a certain amount of funds have to be put down towards your investment costs.  This will involve setting up costs, registration and licensing fees, equipment costs such as brooms, dustpans, cleaning liquids, carpet cleaners, buckets, wash cloths, etc.  It may not seem much, but when contracts are taken up for many homes it will call for bulk purchase of cleaning supplies.  Advertising your business too may be an expense.  Business cards, fliers and advertisement pamphlets about your business too cost funds initially, so one has to be prepared for this.  Stationary such as those required for book keeping too with have to be taken into consideration.

• Registration:

A business that is started for the purpose of generating income has to be registered with the local authorities.  This will involve quite a bit of paperwork with the bank, government bodies and legal authorities.  Credit checks will take place, taking a loan might be necessary and getting a license to run the business might be required depending on the jurisdiction of the state / country you are in.

• Setting up:

Once the legal part of the business is taken care of, you will require expand your contacts and work on acquiring contracts.  Having prior contacts may be one of the reasons that motivate you to get into this business stream, but if not, you will have to work hard on building a list of contacts.    You will be required to do a bit of homework on your territory and a study of all prospective clients. A survey of your neighborhood is one way to study your target clientele.  Trying to find out home locations of people can create an insecure and threatening atmosphere, so make sure you contact them directly and be upfront with your business proposition.  Have an official web-page if possible or at least a blog about your business.  Hand out business cards, fliers or pamphlets via the local media.  Word of mouth is one of the best ways to market your small business.

• Location and outlet

Initially you might start the business with your home as base, but eventually when your business expands you might have to have a common outlet for staff that will eventually be hired.   Your work outlet or office might have to be in a place closest to your clients.  You will require a place to store the cleaning supplies.

These are but a few of the main features to be taken into account.  As with other businesses, basic project rules of plan, execute, control and evaluate hold fast for when you start a home cleaning business.

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