Friday's Star: Mihaela Schwartz

Mihaela SchwartzMihaela Schwartz is an SEO content writer for English, French and Romanian. You can check her writing portfolio and services at her Professional Writer's Blog. 


Christina Pomoni: Hello Mihaela.  Welcome to Mandy's Pages.  I am delighted to have you here for this interview. You have one impressive profile that it amazes me at the languages you have command over. Please share something about yourself with our readers.  Tell us who Mihaela is.

Mihaela Schwartz: My name is Mihaela Schwartz. As a writer, I think I am versatile and creative. I like playing with words. They are an infinite source. I am simply fascinated by words and languages. When I write, I feel like I am building something, and I always think about the person I am building for – my readers. Who are they? What do they want to hear from? What kind of advice do they need? Then, I use the power I have over the language to create something for them.


Did you start writing recently?  Or have you always been a writer?  Any recollection of when you might have started on this course?  

Not really. My writing history is rather long... I think it started when I was in highschool, but I don't remember the exact moment. At that time, I was not writing for the web, of course. I do remember, however, when I wrote my first article. It was years ago and it was really an accident. I was working as a university lecturer, but my sister was freelancing as content writer at that time. She was overwhelmed with work and we were planning a weekend getaway together. So, I decided to help her out and I realized I like writing as much as I love teaching.


The accidental steps can lead to adventure, and it seems to have taken you on a totally different route than teaching. How do you usually find your ideas?

After writing for so many years, I have a writer's mindset. When I watch a movie or read a book, I already think what I can write in the review; when I cook something special I take pictures to use them when I publish the recipe; the same when I go out, when I talk to people, when I travel... Life is a perpetual source of inspiration for me.


With you being inspired 24/7 by all sorts of sources, I wonder: are there any special topics that you mostly write about?

 I try to write only about things I am knowledgeable in. Internet marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, travel, fashion... these would by favorite topics, I guess.


And again I wonder for someone with such a resourceful mind: is there anything like a writer’s block for you?

Not really. There are days I don't feel like writing, especially if I don't have a precise order, but I have a self-discipline rule to craft at least one writing piece a day. Whether it is for a client, for one of the websites I work with, for my travel blog, or to publish as a guest post, I try to stick to this rule. Sometimes I spend most of the day reading online and write only very little, but I consider it a part of the writing process. My secret to avoid the so-called writer’s block is diversification. You would imagine that being at home all day, in front of the computer can be boring. It can, unless you diversify. So, I try to fill my day with different types of activities. When I need to clear my head, I bake a cake or crochet some earrings.


Tell me Mihaela, with all this writing experience, would you consider yourself an expert in your field?

Expert... What makes one an expert in a certain field? Do you need a degree to be considered an expert? How much experience is needed till you reach that level?


Do you face challenges as a writer?

Every day, but I try to find solutions to overcome each one of them. My greatest problem is that the time is not elastic. I start the day with a list of things to do in my head, and by the end of it, I realize I did not have enough time for all of them. But I guess this is one of my bugs as a person: I expect too much from myself. Sometimes I think it's a flaw, but actually this is what pushes me forward.


Ok, let me ask you this: if a publisher were to review your work, how do you think they will grade you on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best?

 I had my work reviewed many times. Actually, one of the websites I write for has such a reviewing system: each article gets a grade from 1 to 10. Most of my articles got 10s, but there are also a few 9s and 8s.


And how would you rate your quality of writing from 1 to 10?

An 8 or a 9... one must leave room for improvement.


Based on your experience and given love for writing, what piece of advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

To have a moment of honesty and ask himself if he has what it takes to be a writer. There are too many so called writers in this world and this brings a lot of harm to the profession. Then, I would tell him to have patience: to write, ask for feedback and take the feedback in constructively.


Where will Mihaela Schwartz stand in the future?

Difficult question... I try not to visualize my future. Each time I did, my life took an unexpected turn. I learned not to make long term plans. I live the moment. I plan the day when I wake up. I don't expect anything glorious from the future, but I am confident it will be good. I learned how to surf life's waves.

Thank you Mihaela.  It has been a real pleasure talking to you.  Along with Mandy's Pages I wish you all success in your writing.  May your unexpected routes lead you to happy and adventurous writing experiences. 


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