Enhance Your Blog With This Blogging Secret

If you have been blogging or have been in charge of overseeing a website in the post-Panda era, you know that Google loves fresh content. However, it can be difficult to produce such content on a regular basis, given that you might not always have an idea at your fingertips or the energy to produce content everyday. Therefore, PLR articles may be right for you!

What is a PLR Article?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. This type of article allows you to claim authorship of the given content even though you did not write it. Depending on the license that you receive from the producer of the content, you may be able to use it as part of an eBook or sell the rights of the content to a third-party.

Wouldn't That Be Unethical?

If you were to simply take the content, put your name on it and claim it as your own, that may be considered misleading and unethical. However, good content producers know that you do not just take another person’s content and put it on your site verbatim. Instead, you would add your own commentary and tweak the content to put it into your own words.

Aren’t These Articles of Poor Quality?

That would depend on the person who produces the work. There are many great writers out there who create premium content that you can use to make yourself look like an expert in your field and thereby enhance your blog. It should be considered a best practice to first read sample PLR content produced by a particular author before you buy their work.

For those who are too busy to to create their own content and don’t have the money to hire a ghostwriter, the use of PLR content can be a great way to keep readers engaged and their blog or site ranked highly on Google.

Stay Tuned….

Next week, I’ll talk a little bit about backlinking and guest-posting strategies that can help you gain exposure for your work while still abiding by SEO best practices in 2014.

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