Would Jewfish With Me?



Cause rotting in the sun, fish smelt so bad

I plaiced a tarpon a dead dogfish.

When I had time to mullet Dover,

I snook a look, just for the halibut.

My guts began to flounder.

Never sawfish look so crappie!

If I'd been in a bar ah coulda,

Put t' rout my heaving gorge,

I'd rays a clamor, whale her strongest urgin'

Or make it seem I blew my guts on porpoise.


I'm hard of herring, atrophied of mussel,

And as Cod's my wetness,

Blind as a small-mouth bass turd.

Got a sculpin stuck in my head

For calling Phil A. Aswhole

At school with some grouper other;

Had Doc Pollock fish it out,

With his orca straw's pike.

The one he uses to conduct

"Bream When You're Feeling Bluefish."

" Salmon Chanted Evening,"

"Me and My Shad Roe" and

"The Boogie Woogie Bluegill Boy"

His six quid bill made me grunt.

Pollock's a little shrimp

Just sardine out in podnership with

Ann Jovi, Finn & Haddy. Associates of

Coy, Krill & Squidd, Inc.

But, Aw, he's to me the Manatee Hour!

No taxis in the cabby zone

So we hadda limpet home,

But nautilus'd been shad on with

Cod an' bass turds

By a passerine bird

Called Albert Ross-

Now my mortal sea anemone.

Tried to spear im but he

Went off at a scallop.

"Wahoo!" Mahi mahi w-w-w-wife like to

Laugh turbot off, till

I had Doc snapper fantail.

(Excuse me, I tender stotter a tad,

Polish being my first lingo.)

Wouldn't let him croaker

I only manta rays

A noise ter clam her up.

Make her crabs a bait.

Not into spousal mollusk station.

It's all just a large scale fluke.

A crock abalone,

Take it hook, line and stinker, sucker!

If you see any more res absurdis,

With which you feel my cast

Cod reelly congergate,

Let minnow.

Walleye think it's time to wind this up.

Snagged a few keepers;

Thresher otter be scuttled.

Mus' key off now.

Sky's misting gray.

Got my limit.

Need to get prawn on me bed.

But first

I gotta guppy.


Image Credit: Newcastle Harbor Mural by Ardfern at Wikimedia Commons