Winners of Tanka Time 2016

The Tanka Time challenge was held during the month of March 2016. Thirteen poets submitted tanka based on the theme 'Rose'. 

Congratulations to the top three entries. 



First Place - 11 points


on the edge

of the country roads

a wild rose-

it belongs to nobody

but gives itself to all


Vasile Moldovan


Runners Up - both with 10 points each

Mother's day . . .

even by your grave

I still need to know

if you like the roses

I've brought you


Christine L. Villa

North Highlands, CA




a gust of wind

scattering rose petals

this way and that—

a word from your sisters

is all it takes 


Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy 

Birmingham UK


Susan Burch and I thank you for your participation and encouragement. Be sure to watch out for the Annual Tanka Contest here at Mandy's Pages during the month of June 2016.