Winners of Tanka Time 2015: Companion

Tanka Time 2015The scores have been tallied and Susan Burch has put the winning list together. Each participant received the list of entries and had to grade it according to a judging pattern as outlined in the announcement of Tanka Time 2015. Our heartiest congratulations to all the winners. I hope you had fun participating.  


Without much ado, the winners are:

                             1st Place: Carl Seguiban, Canada

(17 points)

the sound
of waves crashing
on the seawall
the distance between us
lengthens with each splash


2nd Place: Diana Teneva, Bulgaria

(13 points)

yin and yang,
day and night…
our lips share
a bit of
dark chocolate


3rd Place: Shloka Shankar, India

(10 points)

the deepening
stillness of trees...
our laughs
from yesterday


The winners will receive certificates for their achievement, and in addition, will receive bookmarks of their winning tanka equivalent to the points they have earned through the rating process.

Special thanks to Susan for organizing and overseeing the entire challenge.  My deepest gratitude goes out to all the participants too for helping make this challenge possible. 

The Annual Tanka Contest at Mandy's Pages starts on June 01 2015, for an entire month.  I also solicit friends, patrons and sponsors to consider supporting this year's contest too by sponsoring a prize or contributing books towards the prizes for this contest. As always, there will be a minimum USD 100.00 as the first prize. We have excellent judges on the panel this year who are eager to represent quality tanka through their judging efforts.  Do check back for more updates as we organize the event in June.

Once again, a big thanks to all the participants for contesting in this challenge, Tanka Time 2015, and congratulations to the winners.