NANOWRIMO - My Book in the Making 

Simply Evergreen

For those who are not familiar with NANAOWRIMO - its the acronym for National Novel Writing Month, which is an annual internet-based, writing project.  It has caused quite a bit of stir around the world and so I really wonder why its called 'National' when its more applicable as 'International'.  That aside, and from what I've been reading, there are an average of 200,000 writers all over the place writing their novels during this month of November. Checking out further, I found out and later joined too - the Middle East group of the NANOWRIMOs and they go by the name NANOWRIME.  Of course, its evident that the ME is for the Middle East. No brainer there. :)

This got me thinking... "If they can do it, so can I."  Not only that, I decided that if I was doing it along with others, I would rally a bit of motivation and cheering.  It is too short a phase to write a novel with clarity, and too long a phase to keep the writing spirits up.  There is always an in-between burn-out phase, which I hope we don't encounter until after November. (I can hope, can I not?).During the last couple of weeks of October, I could see posts about the NANOs on Facebook. Soon after that I started receiving messages in my inbox from both, the NANOWRIMOs and the NANOWRIMEs. It made me wonder how writers go through this one month writing frenzy phase.  Not only that, when I asked friends on facebook about their interest in writing, many of them were actually geared up for writing their novel. 

That said, the cheering has been going on for the past nine days.  There are so many writers who are working hard at their novels that it's actually fun to write.  

While the writing juices flow,and thoughts change to words,  and then words form coherent (I'm assuming they're all logical and coherent) ideas and stories, I've been taking a detour on and off to keep my mind focused and of course distracted too. 

Why focused?  DUH!!!  I'm writing my novel.  I need to stay focused.

Distracted?  Yup.  Gotta get my brain relaxed too from time to time.  I can't write all day for sure.  Or maybe I can, but then all work and no play makes Mandy's story a dull one.

So here I am  - from time to time,  (at moments of writer's block as they call it), checking out images and pics for my so called book that's in the making.  Have you been curious about what I'm writing; about the story line and the characters?  If you haven't, then I'm mighty glad, or I will have to keep up with expectations and have to answer your queries from time to time. If you have, well, I hope this doesn't disappoint. :)

The image above is one that I've been checking out for my book. It is from Wikimedia Commons.  I love doing this as I try to visualize my end product before I finish it so that it turns out that way, or so I hope (again).  Truth be told, I will probably check out umpteen amount of images before I decide on what I want, but this lets me focus for now. And further still, I might even change the name of my book.... so this may turn out totally irrelevant.  Even then ...   

My story so far is about 8 animals, who are best friends. Come what may, they share the bonds of friendship, indulge in innocent mischief, live a simple life and give back to the earth what they use.  This book is to reflect the simplicity of life, elevate the virtues of innocence in children and make them yearn for a life that is free of pollution, hatred and enmity, while stressing on the importance of core family values.  More importantly is how these eight friends, all belonging to differing animal species live as one forest entity.  There is much that we can learn from the earth and much that we can teach our children about valuing life around us. 

Amelia the Dinosaur

That said, I created a couple of images of my own to gear me into writing or getting ideas for chapter-wise plots and encounters. Here's one.  Meet Amelia my Dinosaur :)  She loves her long neck and enjoys playing 'Act the Goat'.  

 Amelia's Birthday Cake This is the birthday cake a very big cat (Mrs.Tai) made for her on her 10th birthday.  


That's all I can share for now.  If this book never makes it to the stands just know that there was always good intentions in completing this story ... and someday I will.  For now, this is 'Simply Evergreen' in the making. 


Image Credit: Simply Evergreen, Wikimedia Commons