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Friday's StarYou are a writer.  You begin with small dreams and work your way up the ladder at your own pace, your own time.  Each writer is not the same and each writer does not follow the same writing principles, aspirations or guidelines. What makes you different from another writer?  Why are your dreams important to you?  What do you want to ultimately accomplish with your dreams or writing endeavors?  Here at Mandy's Pages, if you are a writer, regardless of the amount of words you have written in your life, we want to hear your story.  Mandy's Pages wants to encourage you to keep at your dream.

Editor Christina Pomoni finds delight in interviewing writers to get to the heart of who each one is.  No writer is little in the eyes of Mandy's Pages.  If you have a story to tell, insignificant as it may seem, we want to hear it.  We want to share in your 'Writing Dreams'. 


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Friday's Star:  Stanley Courage Dugah

Stanley Courage DugahStanley Courage Dugah is a self educated writer and poet based in Ghana. Besides writing online (where he had won a number of writing contests), he’s working on a number of novels, novellas, short stories, screenplays, and a poetry collection. His current work-in-progress: “A Love Tale, a Political Satire, and a Thriller,” will be published in July, 2013.

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