Friday's Star: Jeff Bevelheimer

Jeff-BevelheimerJeff Bevelheimer is a part time writer, amateur photographer and Photoshop CS6 user with over seven years of experience. His writings cover a wide range of topics that include family experiences, internet safety, gambling and much more. His writing style is laid back, easy going with a bit of sarcasm and humor thrown in where ever possible. Jeff managed to maintain a bright outlook on life, trying to infuse a little silver lining in everything he experiences.


Hello Jeff and welcome to Mandy’s Pages! I am happy that you are this week's star.  So, please introduce yourself! How would you describe yourself as a writer?

My name is Jeff Bevelheimer. Most people online know me as Bird or Birdman named Jeff. I like to refer to myself as a non-writer because writing, punctuation, and spelling were subjects I didn’t enjoy.  I write web content and aspire to someday write a fictional novel.


You are being modest when you term yourself a non-writer because of grammar.  We all face grammar zombies from time to time.  What were the events that triggered your writing?

When I was in high school there was a girl who won a contest for her poetry and was published in a book. Years later I met a guy whose family provided information and historical data about Native American Indians. Their names were listed in the book. Because of these two events I dreamt of one day doing the same thing. These are my motivators, as well as and most importantly input from friends and family.


Are there any special sources for your ideas?

Most of my ideas for writing come from personal interest and/or things that catch my eye. I have a very wide array of interest so ideas are always coming up. The hard part for me is putting those ideas down in print.


Is there anything special you write about?

Because my interests are so broad I really just write about anything that grabs my interest at that moment. If I had to narrow things down I have written mostly about life topics – internet social media, online poker, health issues and relationships and family quality time.


Most writers have a Writing Routine. Is that the case for you too?

At this time I don’t follow any kind of routine for writing. When I do write, I try to finish a rough draft in one setting. The next day I go back and re-read and edit.


Jeff, would you consider yourself an expert in your field, be it writing, or photography?

I am in no way an expert in my field. If anything I live up to being a non-writer very well but I do call myself a writer. Because my writing is mostly web content I have been blessed with a vast and growing list of other writer friends who are experts. These people are the ones I turn to for advice, support and input when I have questions. Without them I would never have gotten as far in my writing as I have today.


Many fellow writers complain about writing blocks. Do you face any?

Most writers struggle from time to time with writing blocks. I like to look at writing blocks as meaning two different things. First there would be the negative writing blocks where you can’t seem to think clearly on a direction for your content or story. Then, there are the other writing blocks that are positive where you will go through a period of extended writing. Everything you write seems to work well. It is times like these a writer hopes for daily.


Writing challenges are nothing new for a writer.  Almost every writer faces some form of challenge.  What are your challenges or hurdles, Jeff?  What do you face? 

My writing challenges come from lack of knowledge about my craft. Educationally I have been to college and excelled in those subjects directly related to my chosen field (Hospitality Management). I struggle daily trying to understand things like sentence structure, punctuation, word substitution. Growing up I never imagined myself as a writer and never felt I would be a writer in any medium.


Tricky question for you now: If a publisher were to review your work, how do you think they would grade you on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best?

I think it would nice to get this kind of actual input. I would love to know for sure how a publisher rates my writing. Collectively all my writings combine would (I hope) get at least a 5. Each piece separately would likely range from a 3 to 7 at best.


And how would you rate your quality of writing from 1 to 10?

Most of my stuff I would give a 4. There are some things I have done that would get at least a 6 and one article I wrote I would give at least an 8.


As a writer, how would you like to inspire others to write, or how would you best describe your Top Five Writing Tips

For starts, it is your story. You are the only person who can tell it. 2. Write, write and write some more. 3. Forget about trying to be perfect when you first start writing your story. Get it written first. There will be time later to perfect it. 4 Read and re-read your work, make corrections you find and then re-read and edit again. 5. Never give up the dream of getting published. You are only one edit away from writing an award winning story.


Inspiring.  Thanks for that, Jeff. Many writers are also avid readers. Do you love to read any particular kind of books? Do you think they have an impact on your writing? 

I read almost anything. However if the book doesn’t grab my interest within the first chapter I move on to something different. Reading books, to me, is a lot like picking a movie to watch. If something gets my attention with a movie (drama, action, adventure, mystery, love story, etc.) I will watch it. Most likely this has greatly impacted how I write. My interest is so wide and varied at any given time that I might write a dark, sad, depressing poem one day then write a humorous piece of web content the next.


Any favorite quotation or any personal advice you would like to share?

I have two things I wrote in part of my profile on a website I play games on.

First – “Today will be only a memory tomorrow. So make it a good one by making someone smile.”

Second – “When fate happens we can do two things: run from it, or embrace it and see what happens”


What stands out for you, Jeff, when you visualize your future?

I have always felt connected to dreams. My future seems to always be revealed to me through my dreams. One example of this – back in 2003 I dreamt about this restaurant kitchen. I could tell you exactly how it was set up; color, how many tables, etc. In 2005 I moved to Michigan and started working at a restaurant with the same kitchen as in my dream.

Every time that happens it's like deja vu. The hair on the back of my neck tingles.


Why should a publisher or client hire you? (Be as brief as possible in 15-20 words max)

I’m real. What you read, how I write is the real me. Not me being someone else.


Thank you for your time and wonderful interview, Jeff! All the best for your future endeavors. I hope you write that fictional novel you so aspire! 


For more information on Jeff, check out his personal profile:

Jeff Bevelheimer 

Image Credit: Jeff Bevelheimer