Friday's Star: Sadeep Man Tulachan

Sadeep Man Tulachan has been writing at since 2007.  He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and English and a Master's Degree in English.  Sadeep loves to write inspirational poetry. 


Sadeep Man TulachanHi Sadeep.  Welcome to Mandy’s Pages.  I’ve known you from Helium … but for most of our readers who do not know you, please introduce yourself.  

My name is Sadeep Man Tulachan. I love to write because it gives me great pleasure. My passion is in writing poetry. Apart from this, I enjoy diving into the core of a research paper. I believe that everyone has a potential to become a writer because we all have our own unique stories and experiences to share. However, not everyone writes. There are people who have stories but they keep them to themselves and share them only with their close ones. But, writers are different. They want to see positive changes in the world through their writing, so they share information, knowledge, thoughts and experiences. I’m just following their path. I am an amateur writer.


Sadeep, how did it all start? Why did you become a writer?

It started out as an illusion struggling within myself to find peaceful emotional balance while searching for many answers to many questions. I believe that life is beautiful unless we get rid of the negative forces around us. It becomes complicated when we try to survive within its complications. I felt so peaceful and emotionally balanced after I found the answers to my questions which motivated me to start writing and continue writing since.


I must admit that your approach to writing is quite unique. So, I’m curious: how do you usually find your ideas?

I would say, some unseen energy tries to make its way out through my writing.  I feel inspiration well up from within. As a writer, I see every moment is important and this can change the life of another human. My poetry is influenced by human emotions. I seek a peaceful execution of disturbing emotions. The result is always a  relaxed and fresh experience. When doing research, I use Google to find related material or read a book to take an idea and reference to support my point of view.


And what happened when this energy you describe comes out? Is it directed to particular topics?

In poetry: Nature, Life turmoil, Human’s psyche and emotions and spirituality. I try to gain an insight on the human psyche. Mostly, I struggle within psyche to find peaceful solutions from the riddles of life. I like to research the topics of my choice.


Listening to you talk about energy and psyche and how you manage human emotions, I wonder: do you face writing blocks?

Honestly, I haven’t been writing anything since last year. But it had nothing to do with a writer’s block. I needed (as most of the writers do) a peaceful place, an isolated environment where I would be able to focus on my writing. I need inspiration and time to play with my imagination. I didn’t write because I was kind of occupied with other stuff, but it was definitely not a writer’s block.


Are there any challenges that you face as a writer?

The majority of people in this world are living a hectic stressful life filled with doubt and bewilderment. Most people live a life detached from the spiritual world and therefore they forget themselves. I find myself helping these people with my writing. I find it extremely challenging.


Sadeep, would you consider yourself an expert in your field?

In my opinion, expertise in any areas of life has no limitations and we create openness after openness; findings after findings. There is an infinite source of knowledge that even hasn’t come yet to its existence. However, we have certain rules, which when crossed over the confinements of knowledge they bring extra knowledge to the world. This is an expert. If this is the condition, I acknowledge myself as “Yes”.


Ok, Sadeep, let’s move to another field now: if a publisher were to review your writing, how do you think they will grade you on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best?

One can judge other’s work but one cannot judge his own work. I mean to say that it’s really going to be a difficult task for writers to judge his/her own work from the eye of a publisher. Before, I used to write for pleasure. Now I bring out my work thinking it may perhaps help some people in some part of the world. If a publisher discovers this insight, he would probably give me a 7.


And how would you rate your quality of writing from 1 to 10?

My quality of writing has improved a lot since I first started. I know I have to hone my writing skills even more. At the same time, I’m very happy and proud to be in a good position if not excellent. I’d like to give myself 7.


Is there any piece of advice you would be willing to give to an aspiring writer?

If you really have a strong desire to become a writer, remember that you are holding your passion, a massive plethora of information, knowledge, experiences within yourself and you know you have it. But which part you are interested in matters a lot; what good knowledge do you think you have to offer to this world. There are many people who need your help, and you should be there for them. I believe we all have unique abilities and individual powers to heal the world. The only thing is how we can take control of it and apply it to ourselves and to others to transform the world in positive directions through our writing.


What stands out for Sadeep Man Tulachan when he visualizes his future? 

I see myself as a published writer trying to help people in need. We all know that humans are always struggling with infinite questions filled with negative emotions. For this reason, I would like to say that when we tend to live a positive life, most questions seem to diminish automatically. Enjoy your life, living in pleasure and in a positive way. When you achieved this state of mind you will realize that the entire world is yours. I aim to help people reach this positive state of mind through my writing.


I would like to thank you Chris and Mandy for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to speak my mind. I am so grateful to both of you. Thank You!


Thank you Sadeep for this unique and spiritual insight! It really gives me food for thought!


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