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Up Against a Blogging Block?  Talk to Me!

My name is Cody Hodge and I am the blogging correspondent for Mandy's Pages.  Please don’t hesitate to follow me on Twitter @Codycustomcont to talk more or send me an email at or just drop me a note here as a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. 

The Blogging Booth

Blogs on blogging the blogger's way! 

This section of Mandy's Pages is headed by team writer Cody Hodge.  He brings you the new and happening posts from the world of blogging with a tip or two each week on what's hot and what's not in the blogosphere. 

Keep pace with Cody ... give him your feedback, share your mind, ask him questions or clear your doubts, he's quite the blogger for your blogging queries. 

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Are You a Blog Beginner? About to Start? 

Writing MachineThe internet if full of written content from blogs to websites, articles to advertisements. How do you get your voice heard across the net?  If you decide that you wish to speak through a blog, how do you start your blog?  What do you bear in mind when you decide to venture into the blogosphere? This post will highlight four points you need to watch out for when on your initial blog steps. 

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Me, a Blogger? But Time?

Early Blog EntriesDid you ever wonder where bloggers find the time to provide quality content on a regular basis? This post will detail the distractions that bloggers face and how they try to overcome them.

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