What Will it Take to Make You Visit My Blog or Site?

Page Rank by Felipe Micaroni Lalli at Wikimedia CommonsAll those who start a blog want to be read.  The one way to discern if you have a growing readership is by keeping track of the number of pageviews and links that redirect back to your  website.

It will be hard for people to see your blog’s great content if it is nowhere to be found. Typically, you will get traffic either organically from Google or by paying for it. If you do not want to pay for your traffic, you need to understand how to get your content ranked on the front page of the search results for the keywords that you are targeting. Moreover, you need to find your niche and work towards building on this.  Let us take a look at how all these add up.

Get Quality Backlinks

A backlink is a link that points back to the URL of your blog’s homepage or a particular blog post. The more links pointing back to a URL, the more authoritative your post seems to Google. However, you need the right kind of backlinks to ensure high ranking for a particular keyword. The goal is to aim for links from other blogs, credible forums and sites that have a good reputation.

Guest Posts

A guest post can be an outstanding way to get your name and blog out to a larger audience. Again, the goal is to guest post on the right blogs. Matt Cutts of Google says that guest posting as a backlinking strategy will fail if a guest post is placed on a spammy blog or any site that has a poor reputation. Therefore, think carefully before creating and submitting guest posts.

Which Forums Should You Post Links to for Best Results?

There are several great forums that you can post links to. Sites such as Quora and Medium are wonderful places to link from because they get a lot of traffic, allow you to interact with a large community and you can have fun answering other people’s questions! Yahoo Answers is another place where you can post links and gain traffic,  as long as you are a level 2 contributor or higher.

It takes work and planning to get your links seen.  By linking to various forums and reputable sites, you can boost your visibility and get more traffic to each of your blog posts. This can increase conversions, increase advertising revenue or simply increase awareness of your work.

If you are in a quandary about getting the right mix of links and content in order to reach the page one ranking status, read what MJ Logan has to say in his article, ‘Three Top Search Engine Optimization Fallacies and Myths’.  This should paint a clearer picture on how you can  attract more visitors to your blog, thereby increasing pageview and pagerank. 

Stay Tuned….

Next week, I’ll talk about the pros and cons of placing content on sites such as Hubpages or Bubblews as opposed to or in conjunction with your own blog.

Image Credit: Page Rank by Felipe Micaroni Lalli at Wikimedia Commons.


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