How to Earn Even When You Don't Want to Blog

Writer at WorkIf you do not have a blog or simply do not have time to blog, can you make money from your writing? The answer to that question is a resounding yes! There are dozens of websites where you can write for cash as well as hundreds of bloggers who will pay good money to those who can create quality blog content. 

Where Can You Write? 

There are many sites where you can submit articles that people can buy licensing rights to. On sites such as Constant Content, you can sell usage rights only as opposed to full rights. This enables you to sell your content to multiple buyers and maximize your profits. Other sites that allow you  towrite articles for cash include Textbroker and GhostBloggers. 

How Much Should You Charge? 

The question of how much to charge has baffled writers for years. If you write for companies such asTextbroker, or iWriter, you will write for set rates depending on your skill level and experience. You can expect to make as much as$25.00 for 500 words or as little as $3 for 500 words. If you write for your own clients, you should aim to charge at least $50 or more for 500 words. Clients will agree to these rates because they know that paying writers a fair rate ensures quality content that has been well researched and fact checked prior to submission. 

Always Have a Contract When Working With Private Clients 

If you are working with private clients, you should have a contract that stipulates when they will pay you. Never work with those who say that you will receive a share of profits because those clients rarely ever come through with payment. Additionally, try to get at least 50 percent of your fee upfront if you are working on a large project. You do not want to work on a project for a month only to find that you aren't getting paid. 

As a writer, you have many places to submit your work where you will be paid. However, make sure that you are getting paid what you are worth and are getting paid on time. 

Next week, I will talk a little bit about Private Label Rights’ articles and how they can help a blogger keep up with the demands for fresh content.

Image Credit: Writer at Work by Onomatomedia at Wikimedia Commons