Ever Think About Selling Your Blog or Domain?

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What once started as a humble attempt to share information with others online could turn into a cash cow for bloggers who are able to create quality content and gain a large following. What are some options available to you if you want to sell your blog to the highest bidder?

In some respects, building a successful blog is a lot like building a successful company. At some point, you have to create a succession plan to cash in on your success and leave your blog safe for years to come. How do you go about selling or transferring control of your blog to someone else? 

Sell Your Blog at Auction 

The easiest way to sell your blog is to put it up for auction at sites such as Flippa that cater to those who want to buy or sell domains. However, you may be able to sell your site to a buyer on eBay or other auction sites online. If you do decide to sell at an auction, you should have a reserve price in mind to ensure that you get a reasonable price for it. 

Attract the Interest of a Large Company 

If your blog becomes popular enough, a large company may be willing to purchase the rights to your domain and your content. An example of this happening is when ProFootballTalk.com was purchased by NBC Sports. The creator of the blog benefited greatly because NBC gave him the opportunity to start his own show on the NBC Sports network as well as retain creative control of his blog while getting the financial backing and wide scale brand exposure that NBC provided. 

License Your Blog 

Car owners know that the value of a car's parts may sometimes be more valuable than the car as a whole. The same concept may apply to your blog. Instead of selling your blog as a whole, you may want to consider licensing a particular blog post or selling the blog's domain name as it could be worth thousands of dollars on its own. 


Having the ability to sell your blog represents a great opportunity to make money from your work without necessarily having to give up control of your blog's content or look. Stay tuned for next week when I talk a little bit about how bloggers can make big bucks by creating guest posts or ghostwriting content for other bloggers.  

Image Credit: Amanda Dcosta

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