Cha-Ching!  You've Got Cash! 

You've Got CashWhy do you blog? Is  writing the be-all and end-all about  running a blog or is there more to your effort? There may be many reasons why you blog, but the main ones are to create content you want the world to read and of course, to make money in the process.  For very many, making money is THE PRIMARY REASON and it could work to your advantage too. Let us talk about some ways that you can make money from your writing which could help pay your bills. 

Post Advertisements on Your Blog 

You can post a variety of advertisements on your site. Most bloggers start out by inserting Google Adsense ads, Chitka Ads or selling their own ad space on the top, bottom and sidebar of a webpage or on a specific blog post. It is also possible to put affiliate links in your text or join advertisers such as VigLink or SkimLinks that automatically create affiliate links without having to actually join an affiliate network. 

Sell Products on Your Blog 

Do you have an eBook that you want to put out or perhaps you have a course that you would like to promote to others? If so, use your blog as a means to promote what you have for sale. You can invite your readers to become affiliates and join in the money making fun while they help you promote your work to a wider audience. 

Get Paid to Host Other People’s Content 

You may have heard me mention Outbrain as a great way to amplify your content. Did you also know that you could use Outbrain to make money from your traffic? Bloggers can also use sites such as to make money each time someone shares their work or any other content that they put on that blog. 

There are many easy ways for bloggers to monetize their blogs and help themselves make a profit from the work that they have put in. Whether you want to post Adsense ads, sell an eBook or get paid to provide links to other people’s work, it is easier than you think to make money from your work. 

Stay Tuned… 

Next week, I will share secrets on how you can create a blog, build your audience and then sell that blog for a nice profit. It is not easy, but it can be done!

Image Credit: COL-money icon by Dr Brains at Wikimedia Commons