Uh Oh! Blogging? Will I Ever Find the Time? 

Early Blog Entries - The DiaryWelcome to this first post at the Blogging Booth. Each week I will showcase an interesting blog from around the web, or offer invaluable blogging tips and insights into effective blogging, whether on a professional or personal level. Some posts will be from authors associated with Mandy’s Pages and others will highlight bloggers or posts that will definitely make an impact on our writing. With that in mind, let's talk about this week's post, ‘How do you find the time to write?’ by Jim Bessey at So Write. Us.

Why Readers Would Love This

Bloggers Are Not Robots

I am not going to discuss the contents of Mr. Bessey's post, but rather direct you to some interesting aspects. I like this post for a variety of reasons. First, it shows the human side of being a blogger. People may perceive that the blogs they read are being written by professionals who do nothing other than write all day. That couldn’t be further from the truth! This post humanizes the author and shows that many people who write a blog or start a website are typical people like you or me who have families, jobs and other distractions that they have to deal with while on their quest to pursue their passion. In addition, one doesn't need a reason to blog.  Any little idea can be a reason. 

Two Important Things to Take From Mr. Bessey's Post

Writers Write Because It IS Their Passion

There is something valuable that we can learn from a post such as this one. The overall lesson is that writers write because it is their passion to do so. Even if something has to be sacrificed such as family time or that extra 30 minutes of sleep each night, those who want to write will do so as a matter of habit.

Write What's On Your Mind

You should never be ashamed to say what's on your mind. The beauty of the written word is that two people will never see the same words in the same way. In fact, if you were to read your work today, and then read it a week from now, you might not see it the same either. 

While many people may think bloggers are special people who hold the key to being a great journalist, you will find in Mr. Bessey's blog post that writers are actually just people after all. So muster the courage to blog the way you are inspired to.

Stay Tuned For Next Week!

Thank you for taking the time to read.  I hope that you join me next week for more at the Blogging Booth. Now that you know bloggers are just regular people with something to say, I'll bring you tips on how you can get started. Before I go, I want to hear more about the distractions or hurdles that you face as a writer and how you overcome them.

Image Credit: Image of a Diary Entry by artist  Georg Adam Eger (1727–1808) at Wikimedia Commons