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Let the Contest BeginWinter is upon us (Summer 'down under', sorry) and if you're wondering how you're going to spend your weekend indoors on these cold, windy, snowy days, here's something for you.  

Of course, I have to credit our good friend Jim for his creative streak here.  I suppose he's gearing up for winter, that's why.  

I have the honor of announcing this weekend's program that he's organizing exclusively for us writers. 

"What's that?" you ask.

"Oh nothing much! Just a contest." 

 "A contest?"

"Yup.  An incredibly exciting contest that will make you want to eat, sleep and dream this contest. I can tell you, Jim is very excited about this as he visualizes amazing talent gathering together under one roof." 

Jim BesseyWe all know Jim, don't we?  Who doesn't know Jim? I'm talking about our very own Jim Bessey.  He is the owner of So Write Us, and a very enterprising 'young' gentleman with a passion for writing. He has been instrumental in rallying troops into battle, eh, motivating writers to challenge their comfort zones at the many Writing Challenges he organized at Helium.  It is no surprise that he now ventures out to a more professional platform called SO WRITE US to launch the first of his Writing Contests there.  

Run along and grab your seats, for soon he is to announce the release of the First Contest date.  You might want to bring your sword and shield, I mean, your pen and writing pad for a professional, yet friendly writing contest.  Of course, the pen is mightier than the sword, but then, who doesn't know that, so we'll opt for using our virtual pens for our rounds of ink-fights. 

Without much fanfare, here's your gate pass to finding out more details about the Contest (or click the image below).  Be sure to check in at So Write Us and ask Jim for more information.  Helmets are a must.  Please be well equipped and stocked with words so as to survive the contest.  

Saddle up or buckle up....  

the games are about to begin.  

May the best writer win!

(Psst.. psst... Jim, please let me win.  I'll mow your lawn and wash your car and maybe even clean your garage ... if you let me win.)  

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Image Credit: So Write Us, Jim Bessey  and Wikipedia Commons