Camping in the Desert: A Desert Sunrise

Chasing the Sunrise

Around 5:30 on a chill October morning(27th), Gerry put his jacket on and walked off into the neighboring area... to climb the dune on the east side, in the hope of capturing images of the sunrise. The weather early morning was a combination of chill and dry.  

I'm posting the many sunrise images here to credit him for his effort. These pics may not be copied or reused without the express permission of the photographer. 



Chasing the Sunrise - 2


Chasing the Sunrise - 3


Chasing the Sunrise - 4


Chasing the Sunrise - 5


The Desert Comes Alive



Our Camp by Sunrise

 Image Credit: Dr. Gerald Dcosta


In the sleepy village of Sama al Wasil, where many stayed awake most of the night and finally went to bed during the wee hours of the morning. 

Sleeping Outdoors -2Sleeping Outdoors









 Image Credit: Amanda Dcosta


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