Camping in the Desert: Literally Powerless

Gateway into the Desert Palm CampWelcome back to the Desert Palm Camp of the Sama al Wasil Tourism Village of the Sharquiya Sands (Wahiba Sands), Oman. This time I will take you through the way the camp has been set up and what makes this camp special and appealing in the desert. 

As you enter through the gateway, you will find the reception office immediately on your right. To your left you will find the recreation room which consists of a small library,  a table-tennis table and a wash room.  Immediately after, on your right, you will reach a small waiting area with chairs arranged for those who wish to sit down. To your left and opposite this small waiting area, is the Bedouin-style waiting camp.  In fact, there are two such relaxation areas.  


The Village Center




Once you are inside the camp, you will see the village tents and chalets arranged in a circle around the Village Center. There are 22 desert chalets which have one and two bedrooms with shower facilities. 





The Village Chalets of the Desert Palm Camp

Shower / Toilet10, Downing Street -  Desert Palm Camp










Bedroom 2

Bedroom 1










In fact, all these camping facilities are way too luxurious to enjoy a back-to-nature camping experience. However, it was only when I entered the camp did I receive the startling news that there would be no power supply (electric power, as we are so used to) in this desert camp during the day and night, except (grace period) for a few hours in the evening. 

Notice of Power Supply TimingsNo phone signals... scarce water provisions and now no electricity. Think you can sleep inside those luxurious chalets on those amazingly soft beds with very little ventilation?  Now we're camping!!!

Camp Porch

Outdoor Sleeping Quarters










Chalets by Lamplight

Evening by Lamplight











The Dining Tent

The Dune Buggies' Garage










Chillin' Out on a Cool Desert Evening

At the Dining Tent










Mimicking Cavemen Days












In the next post I'll take you through a beautiful desert sunrise.  

Image Credit: Amanda Dcosta


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