Welcome to Mandy’s Pages.

It is an honor that you should grace my pages with your visit here. Mandy’s Pages started out as a fun blog in June 2011. Many of you are familiar with the frequent reviews that are written in praise of writers and their work. Many times, or I should say, most of the time, a writer’s work goes unnoticed, save for the support of friends and family.

A healthy writing community is an essential part of a writer's life. Although each of us sets out on own ‘lonely’ calling as a writer, or set out on a journey of pen and ink on paper at our own pace, we meet up with other writers along the way who contribute to our work, and more importantly, help support us in one way or the other. This was the main inspiration behind the creation of Mandy’s Pages as a blog when it was first published.

Eight months since, Mandy’s Pages has received an incredible number of reviews by writers and readers, felicitations and support, and friendly nudges to take it a step further. Before I proceed with what Mandy’s Pages has to offer, I have to mention a few names. First of all, it was my friend Crystal (Crystal Mollot-French) who put forth the idea of running weekly reviews. This was way back in early 2010. Unfortunately she couldn’t keep up with the demands this plan required, and on thinking about it later, I reasoned it was a very sound idea even if it did not materialize then.

In the meantime, my friend Raymond Alexander Kukkee started his blog ‘Incoming Bytes’, which pulled me in - hook, line and sinker, with the whole idea of blogging. So here I was, tossing this idea of reviews in my head and trying to figure out the whole concept of blogging, when I finally decided to give it a shot.

Once I did, Glory Lennon and Jim Bessey ran me through the basics of setting up my blog right, although it was in casual mention. I doubt they realize what they were doing then, but it is only right that I mention their names. Adam Clark, you deserve special mention for your continuous support, creativity and brainstorming of ideas through this whole process right from the blog phase.

All my Castle friends, (you know who you are), my readers, the Helium community friends, and also my family: You have supported my blog that has helped create and nurture this dream.

And then, one person who deserves all the credit for creating my website is writer Mike L. Williams, owner of 21st Century Web. He has been working for unaccountable number of hours behind the scenes to set this website in place.   His work is brilliant, and working with him has really opened my eyes to yet another area of the web we live in.  Should you wish to create a website, he’s the perfect choice for your website needs. 

So there you have it, the inspiration and steps behind Mandy’s Pages as a promising venture. Praise God for each of you.

That first step was in June 2011. Since then, Mandy’s Pages has become my dream and passion; to take it to unbelievable limits with each person’s reviews and contributions. Today, the 29th of February, 2012, I take it forward to launch Mandy’s Pages as an online content publisher of articles and reviews, and also a platform where advertisers, book, e-zine or online publishers and even graphic designers like Dieter Manero (who is instrumental for the banner and Logos here at Mandy's Pages) can interact with writers in a whole different light or reach the relevant audience with ease. Mandy’s Pages offers you the opportunity to expand your web presence which in turn can strengthen your credibility as a writer or be aware of multiple publishing opportunities with the help of combined resources.

Writing does not have to be a solitary struggle. If you struggle, we struggle with you. When you rise, we celebrate with you. This is the essence of Mandy’s Pages:

Uniting Writers.  Encouraging Dreams.

One of the main aspects of Mandy’s Pages is the user-friendly interface, where the interest of each writer is upper-most in the list of priorities. As they say in the retail industry, ‘unhappy sales-staff makes for unhappy customers’, it is important to me that every writer at Mandy’s Pages receives ample amount of credit for their wonderful writing talent.

Secondly, every review that is crafted and written, whether it is for a writer or an article, is a positive review. Should there be a negative review, you will first have to come up with two positive reviews for the same subject before you post a negative review; so think wisely.  If there is something 'negative, bad or repelling about people, articles, goods or services', write an article about it, and be reviewed in a positive light. There is no room for negativity or negative reviews here at the Review Section of  Mandy’s Pages. Period. 

Today I am proud to call you friends, for this is what you have given me: Mandy’s Pages. This is the result of your warm, supporting and uplifting encouragement that has taken me a long way ever since I stepped out into the online world of writing. 

Before I conclude my welcome note, my heart soars with praise for the amazing gifts of talents, dreams, inspiration and Spirit the Lord has blessed me with, to leap out with Mandy’s Pages in faith. I do not know how far this venture will take me, but I know the Lord will help me, for ‘With Him, I can do all things’. I believe He can do the same for you.

Amanda Dcosta
CEO – Founder
Mandy’s Pages

February 29th, 2012