Uniting Writers. Encouraging Dreams.

Uniting Writers. Encouraging Dreams. Mandy's Pages turns two today!  Yep, that's right, 'Happy Birthday Mandy's Pages'! My accomplishments as a writer / author / poet aren't much to record.  I consider myself one of the many novices - learning and trudging along through the writing world. However, one thing that has come to define me as a writer and serious promoter of what YOU write, is my website, Mandy's Pages. This is my baby (Okay - my third baby if I may count numbers), and I have watched it take shape into something that means more to me than just a site. Ironically, Mandy's Pages also went through a nine months' gestational phase before we launched it as a site. If you should know, it was a blog before we converted it to a site. 

I am so happy with the way my website has turned out. We haven't jumped far in terms of 'long strides', but we have been aiming at 'quality'.  We have been standing up for what we believe in here at Mandy's Pages: Uniting Writers. Encouraging Dreams. And for this I am very grateful.  I praise God for the gift of writers to Mandy's Pages. I thank God for giving us a reason to exist on the internet. I thank God for where we are today.

Mandy's Market: A Testimony of Miracles

When I started this site two years ago, it was basically to provide writers an outlet to earn.  We started slow and we move slow, but we have been growing. We have had quite a few clients that provided us writing contracts.  There wasn't much, but I have witnessed miracles take place even through small transactions, where clients have been happy with our work and paid us more than the agreement.  Two of the best 'transaction miracles' happened a few months ago where Ludmillia, one of the writers on my team, wrote a couple of articles valued at $20.00 each which ended up as rejected, only to be purchased later for nearly $90.00 each. You remember those articles, Ludmillia?  I was so proud of you when that happened.  This goes for all the writers and editors on my team who have stood by me through the past two years. Thank you team!  I am very proud and grateful to have you on board. 

Book Reviews & Author Spotlight

Mike Williams, my partner in crime at Mandy's Pages, is responsible for creating two sections: Book Reviews and Author Spotlight. Ever since he started these sections, I have had the opportunity to showcase either written talent or the authors themselves through the interviews here. I have been amazed by the levels of excellence and creativity each time I pick up a book to review or showcase an author. What a wonderful experience - to be immersed into another's world through what you write, or be inspired by the dreams you share.  Thank you - all you wonderful authors-  for your books and your presence at my site. And thank you Mike, for these two sections that I have grown to love. 

Friday's Stars

Christina Pomoni, you have been a big blessing to me. You stood by me when I was looking for a way to encourage and promote budding writers; amateurs who were struggling to get somewhere just like me. You helped create Friday's Stars, with the amateur writer in mind, and have painstakingly set time aside to collect writers, interview them and organize a weekly list for when each writer could be showcased. I know we have not run this segment for a while now, but this was one thing I loved about the past year; writers appreciating the fact that they had a place to voice themselves, and you were there to encourage them, to help them speak their mind and believe in themselves. Thank you Christina. You did great!

Annual Tanka Contest

I love tanka.  I was first introduced to it way back in 2005 when I joined the site poemranker. Ever since then, I have made attempts to write tanka or seek information on the art of good tanka writing. [For those who do not know tanka, tanka (meaning 'little song') is a genre of poetry that consists of five lines and takes its form from ancient Japanese poetry. M. Kei has been most supportive in contributing material and information on tanka at the site]  Last year I was inspired to organize a tanka contest at Mandy's Pages and this would not have been possible if it wasn't for very good support from friends like David Terelinck, Kathabela Wilson, Brian Zimmer (all three were judges), Jim Bessey (So Write. Us) and Darryl Rosario who have been wonderful sponsors.  Adam Clark assisted me in designing the certificate for the contest. Thank you friends! This Annual Tanka Contest will be held each June, hopefully.

Upcoming Tanka Events

Tanka Time at Mandy's Pages.  What a wonderful way to start the third year! Tanka poet Susan Burch approached me with a brilliant idea to organize a friendly tanka challenge similar to the European Quarterly Kukai that is organized for Haiku.  Tanka Time #1 starts tomorrow. I am excited to be organizing this event with Susan. Thank you Susan for your inspiration, enthusiasm and love for tanka.  You have motivated me to get back to writing when I have been quite sluggish these past few months. Should Tanka Time progress as planned (which I know will, because I believe you amazing and talented tanka poets will support us), we hope to organize 'Where Tanka Prose Grows' in September this year. 

So as you can see, Mandy's Pages has a place for you - the writer / author or poet. I know I say this frequently, but nonetheless, if you want your book promoted, a week in the spotlight under the stars or an interview, Mandy's Pages is the place for you.  YOU are the reason Mandy's Pages exists and to that end will Mandy's Pages stand for. 

Uniting Writers. Encouraging Dreams. 

Amanda Dcosta
CEO – Editor-in-chief
Mandy’s Pages

February 28, 2014