Terms of Service, User Agreement and Privacy Policy

1. Definitions:

"mandys-pages.com" is an interactive, on-line content publisher operated by MANDYS-PAGES.COM (Amanda Dcosta). ("MANDY’S PAGES") on the World Wide Web of the Internet, consists of information services and content provided by Mandy’s Pages, team and other third parties. "Subscriber" means each person who establishes or accesses a connection ("Account") for access to and use of Mandy’s Pages. Third Party agents for the sole purpose of entering into a business agreement to advertise goods or services at Mandy’s Pages are hereby referred to as Advertisers.

2. General:

Mandy’s Pages shall have the right at any time to change or discontinue any aspect or feature of Mandy’s Pages, including, but not limited to, content, hours of availability, and additional writing / editorial or advertising services that may be available from time to time.

3. Changed Terms:

Mandy’s Pages shall have the right at any time to change or modify the terms and conditions applicable to Subscriber's use of Mandy’s Pages, or any part thereof, or to impose new conditions, including, but not limited to, adding fees and charges for use.

Changes that may be made are at the sole discretion of Mandy’s Pages. Changes which may be in the form of modifications, additions, deletions or competitions shall be effective upon notice thereof, and may be communicated by any means Mandy’s Pages chooses to.

Any use of Mandy’s Pages by Subscriber after such notice shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by Subscriber of such changes, modifications or additions.

4. Privacy Policy:

Mandy’s Pages requires that all Subscribers be identifiable.  For the purpose of eliminating anonymous, fraudulent or multiple accounts, Mandy’s Pages requests Subscribers and Advertisers for personal, private information of any or all of the following: Name, age, gender, email address, physical address, PayPal address, and telephone number. Mandy’s Pages promises not to publicly share, reveal or sell Subscriber’s private information to any Subscriber or third party.

A Subscriber who wishes to contribute content and written material should be of age 18 years and above.   However, Mandy’s Pages is a family-oriented site and may be accessed even by children.

Although Mandy's Pages assures Subscribers and Advertisers to protect their personal details that are submitted,  Mandy's Pages reserves the right to disclose your personally identifiable information as required by law, and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and / or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order or legal process served on Mandy's Pages. 

Sharing of personal information of Subscriber or Advertiser by Mandy's Pages other than for legal purposes, will be done only with the written consent of Subscribers or Advertiser. 

Sharing of personal information BY Subscriber or Advertiser on any social networking platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Google+, etc. is at the sole discretion of the Subscriber, even if the content shared is in respect to content at Mandy's Pages.  Mandy's Pages will not be held liable for such information shared by Subscriber or Advertiser.

Mandy's Pages hosts numerous reference links within the content of articles that are published. However, all external links may or may not be user-friendly, family-oriented or be exactly relevant.  Please be aware that when you click on such links, Mandy's Pages will not be held responsible for the outcome or the privacy policies of the sites owning these links. 

5. Monetary Reimbursement:


Subscribers are invited to contribute content to be published on Mandy's Pages.

Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Check

Subscriber will be paid a flat rate of $10 for accepted articles that fall under the Main Menu(excluding blogs, stories,  poems, interviews and posts to the Writer's Corner), and are original and pass through Copyscape. Articles that do not pass the editorial review will not be accepted.  This is effective from November 1, 2012.  

Each original submission once submitted at Mandy's Pages will be exclusive to Mandy's Pages from the date of posting. Mandy's Pages reserves the right to byline an article.  Subscriber hands over exclusive usage rights to Mandy's Pages once an original article is accepted. Subscriber may not make a request for deletion of article once content has been posted  at Mandy's Pages. Subscriber may use a blurb at other sites from content that is at Mandy's Pages and link back to the entire and original content that is at Mandy's Pages. 

All aspects of Mandy’s Pages (including the Author Spotlight, Book Reviews, Literary Lounge and Friday's Stars) are launched with the intent to provide additional web exposure for budding and ambitious writers; and this is precisely the platform upon which Mandy’s Pages is built. Changes to the scope of the site (mandys-pages.com), may be undertaken at any time at the sole discretion of Mandy’s Pages.

Mandy's Pages reserves the right to charge Subscribers (authors and writers) for promotional and marketing services.  Upon payment of services, the author / writer may expect full cooperation from Mandy's Pages' team for services as per payment and contract conditions. 


Mandy’s Pages invites Advertisers to join Mandy’s Pages. An agreeable contract may be drawn upon in such an event between the Advertiser and Mandy’s Pages.

Advertisers are invited to advertise goods and services at Mandy's Pages.  However such Advertisers may be aware that Mandy’s Pages makes no agreement to monetarily reimburse Advertisers for any material or information that is contributed to Mandy’s Pages.

While Mandy’s Pages make no agreement to monetarily reimburse Subscribers for duplicate content and Advertiser for information shared, Mandy’s Pages will try it's best to assist Subscriber and Advertiser to have a user-friendly experience at Mandy’s Pages and provide an added exposure on the World Wide Web, through the use of Mandy’s Pages.

Subscribers or Advertisers who wish to express their interest in being part of Mandy's Pages may communicate with Mandy's Pages via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mandy's Market

Mandy's Market is an extension of Mandy's Pages.  This is where writing opportunities or jobs will be posted.  Subscriber may submit content that is exclusive to Mandy's Market and such contributed content will not be posted at Mandy's Pages.  Mandy's Pages invites third party publishers to enter into agreeable writing contract at Mandy's Pages.  Upon sale of exclusive and original content to publisher (client), Subscriber of the respective article will be entitled to 65% of article's sale.  15% of the sale will be credited to the editor while 20% will be credited to Mandy's Pages.  

In the event of a sale of article at Mandy's Market, Subscriber agrees to hand over full rights (copyrights and ownership rights) to the client.  If an article does not qualify for a sale, the article will be returned to the Subscriber and Mandy's Pages will not claim any form of rights over the article, nor will the article be posted at Mandy's Pages.