A Tribute to my Great Aunt Greta

 Greta Heldt

Every once in a while
you see a face
and it lasts a lifetime
you see that smile
and recognize it
even after time passes by

And with it, flashes of fond memories
of moments held dear
when you knew your destiny was
being shaped
by such a face
such a smile

I choose to see that face today
I choose to see that smile
To remember those moments
when bonds were formed
between her and me
twenty five years since...

Age differences don't matter
when you find a confidant
a friend
a pen pal
and someone who cherishes you
for who you are


Passing on doesn't mean
an end
but rather an extension
of the beauty we shared;
and knowing you are singing
with angels right now
makes me very happy


Rest in peace Aunty Greta. I love you and will miss you dearly my friend.


Image Credit: Amanda Dcosta