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Jardin Etymologique 

 French Garden

I rap with sod rhapsodically

I raise both hues and cries.

My blossoms blend melodically

In perfumed lullabies.

Prim pansies ponder pensively,

In phrases frankly French,

They blush at fennel's flattery-

That seedy, seasoned wench.

Sweet violets inviolate

Encircle sheepish phlox.

Remembrance bides in rosemary

Bedecked in lady smocks.

Bright daisies are the day's eyes

Protecting columbines

From aphids, thrips and mayflies

Hid in honeysuckle vines.

When sluggish snails would infiltrate

And blight this bloom-filled bower,

I hasten to annihilate

With counteractive power.

Brave leaping frogs carnivorous

Devour pestilence,

Permitting buds to pleasure us

And ask no recompense.

So stop a while and meditate

On what flowers have to say

Inhale their scent and ruminate

On nature's rich array.

Image Credit: French Garden by nosha at Wikimedia Commons

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