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 6. Show favoritism:


A parent is at school to help with the children's school performance and to work alongside teachers towards this end. Any form of favoritism towards certain children, while looking down upon or showing dislike for others will not be tolerated and will call for a termination of one's ability to volunteer.


 7. Befriend Children outside the school campus:


A parent may not befriend a child outside the school campus without prior permission from the child's or children's parents and teachers. The parent may not volunteer to drop the child home, to day care or a park without prior permission from parents and teachers.


 8 Form a segregated parent team:


A parent offering to help at school should not form break away groups or work against instructions set by the teacher or school. A parent will strive at all times to work as a team member and any form of instigating, initiating or taking lead responsibility of activities against school guidelines will call for extreme measures.


 9. Act as authority figure:


A parent volunteer at school will not act as authoritative figure and not take charge of decision making or the course of action required towards a child's performance. A parent volunteer will also not decide on what information to withhold and what information should be shared when it concerns activities in a class room or feedback required to be given to the teacher. A parent's whole hearted co-operation is required.


10. Cause a teacher to lose his/her job:


A parent should not have the attitude that the teacher is not fit or lacks training, thereby making it difficult for the teacher to function properly. A parent volunteer is also required to maintain respect for a teacher's position and not send any form of anonymous, written or verbal reports to the management about the teacher, which could lead to job loss for the teacher.

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