6. Befriend children in the classroom:

A parent volunteer may befriend children in the classroom and at the school campus but must limit this to the school premises. Any form of feedback about a child should be forwarded to the class teacher.

 7. Confidentiality:

A parent volunteer has to maintain a level of confidentiality about all that happens within the school. Information shared by the school and the teachers should be maintained within the school campus.

 8. Show respect:

This means that the parent will have to show respect for all that the school stands for, the staff and students and everything that goes to make up the entire functioning of the school. The parent will especially show respect towards children, respect their views and opinions and not criticize, look down or make fun of them.

 9. Treat all children equally:

The parent will assist children in the classroom within healthy norms without encouraging cheating or any form of malpractice. This assistance is under the teacher's vigilance the whole time. The parent will also strive to maintain a sense of equality when dealing with all the children in a batch. The parent is to teach or assist children with patience, kindness and a gentle tone.

10. Work as a team:

The parent will strive to work alongside teachers, other parents and children as a team. The aim of such volunteering programs is to lighten the workload of the teacher and to help classes be more interactive and interesting for the children. At times the parent is called upon to help with extracurricular activities and should hence help towards building good team spirit.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons