Tanka Time 2018

Welcome to Tanka Time 2018.  Tanka Time is a friendly challenge that Mandy's Pages hosts to motivate and inspire poets to write tanka. All are invited to participate and share in this tanka fun and spirit.

 ‘Guidelines for Submission’ as well as the ‘Judging Procedure’ are outlined below.

 Thank you for your support and for participating.

 ~ Susan Burch & Amanda Dcosta


Guidelines for Submission

Theme:  Family

Form: Individual tanka

  1. Each participant is allowed to submit ONLY ONE individual tanka to Tanka Time starting March 01, 2018.
  2. Submissions have to be original and unpublished tanka.  (Tanka shared via social media will not be accepted.)
  3. There will be no entry fee for Tanka Time participation.
  4. Email your entries to Susan Burch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We start accepting submissions from March 01, 2018.
  5. Subject for the email will be: Tanka Time 2018 / Poet’s Name
  6. You will add details such as name and location below your tanka in the body of the email.
  7. Please do not send any attachments along with your email. Each tanka should be neatly spaced in the body of the email.
  8. We request that you do not disclose your submissions online at public discussions prior to judging.


 Judging Procedure

  1. Tanka Time 2018 runs from March 01 – March 31, 2018.  Judging will take place during the first week of April 2018.
  2. Each participant will have to judge the list of entries in order to be an active participant for the respective round.  Failure to judge the entries will automatically disqualify the entrant from scoring points.
  3. Each participant will receive the list of submissions by email.
  4. Entries will be anonymous.
  5. You are not allowed to rate your submission.
  6. Rating will follow a specific pattern.  Each participant has a total of 7 points to distribute between the tanka of their choice.  These 7 points may be awarded to tanka as 1, 2 or 3 points each, with 3 points awarded to only one entry from the list. All scores will be tallied to determine the winners.
  7. The results of Tanka Time will be announced after April 15.
  8. The top three entries will be posted on the website.
  9. Each winning entry will receive a ‘Certificate of Merit’ from Mandy’s Pages.
  10. The First Place winner will receive 10 personalized bookmarks of their winning tanka.


Example of the Rating Procedure: Distribution of 7 points by participant.


 Entry #1               -       

 Entry #2               3

 Entry #3               -

 Entry #4               2

 Entry #5               1

 Entry #6               No rates: Participant's own submission      

 Entry #7               1


 Image Credit: Clipart Family from Wikimedia (Public Domain)