Winners of Tanka Time 2017


The Tanka Time challenge was held during the month of March 2017. Twenty one poets submitted tanka based on the theme 'Dreams'. Special cheers to Susan Burch for organizing this challenge and communicating with the contestants for the voting procedure. We are humbled and honored that more contestants have participated this year. Thank you so much for the same.

Congratulations to the top three entries of this friendly challenge.  The first place wins a bag from Blue Butterfly Bags


First Place with 16 points:


the recycling bin

overturned by kids...

our street 

now clothed in shreds

of my discarded dreams


Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy , Birmingham, UK


Second Place with 15 points:

with the kick

in my swollen womb

the doodle

takes a new shape

on the last page 


Aparna Pathak, India


Third Place with 14 points:

marking the spot

where my first house stood

cogon grass

all that remains

of a childhood dream


Josie Hibbing, Hartley, Iowa, USA


Image Credit: Clouds from Wikimedia (Public Domain)