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Chris Pomoni is a knowledgeable professional with 5+ years experience in Financial Analysis and 3+ years experience in Portfolio Management. She has worked as Equity Research Associate, Assistant to the GM and Investment & Insurance Advisor and has dealt with a variety of different projects. Chris has modeled Financial Plan (2007) and Capital Budget Template (2011) and possesses a vast experience as a Business and Finance writer in various U.S. and European online publishers. As part of her professional and personal development, Chris has lived in Chicago, IL, Boca Raton, FL and Paris, France. She holds an MBA Finance with High Distinction from the American College of Greece. She is also in the process of finishing her first Finance book “Have You Diversified Today?”
Miscellaneous Information:

Professional Writing Experience

Textbroker Contributor

Since July 2012, Chris is a Finance writer in Textbroker UK, serving mostly private clients.


Mandy's Pages Contributor/Editor

Since February 2012, Chris serves as a Business and Finance writer and an editor in Mandy's Pages.


Yahoo! Contributor Network

Since January 2009, Christina contributes her knowledge to Yahoo! Contributor Network in the categories of Business & Finance. Besides, since January 2011 she has been approved as Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo! News Contributor.


Yahoo! Finance:

First Person: I Paid Off $27,000 in Student Loan Debt in 3 Years

First Person: I Saved 35% With a Home Energy Audit

First Person: How Risk Aversion Impacts The Stock Market

First Person: How the Use of Color in Marketing Influences Consumer Behavior


Yahoo! News:

Housing Market Sinking Further in Major U.S. Cities


Helium Contributor/ Channel Manager

Since August 2007, Christina is a Helium Content Contributor. Areas of specialization: Business, Personal Finance, Investing & Banking and Careers.

Christina currently serves as Root Channel Manager of Society & Lifestyle Channel. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to, overseeing all S&L sub-channels and working closely with Channel Managers. She is responsible for writing, rating, grading, reporting and providing constructive feedback on articles, adding experience and professional perspective to Helium’s large writing community, providing community leadership and editorial oversight and recruiting new Channel Managers.

Christina also serves as Channel Manager of Finance & Insurance.

From August 2010 to June 2011, Christina has been a Helium Distance Learning Writer for the University of Phoenix in Business, Sustainability, Social Sciences and IT.


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