Ways to Market Your Small Business: 


The term 'small businesses' has a wide range of usage.  It is applicable to the one-man show of mobile services, or a home-based business or to even small businesses like small retail, mom and pop stores.  In view of creative marketing tips for small businesses, marketing strategies slightly vary one from the other.  What is applicable for one, may not be feasibly for another, or it may be totally unnecessary.  Hence, according to the type of small business in question, one or more of the following ways to market your small business may be considered.

Word of mouth:

When it comes to small businesses that cater to a specific locality, nothing gets around  more effectively than news passed around from person to person.  Create an awareness about the business.  Make it known that you have set up a business and have 'A, B & C' services or products to offer. 

Customer service:

While customer service is one of the most common tips offered, it is the kind of service that makes a difference.  The customer service you offer should be such that the customer is not only impressed with the product or service, but also impressed with the business set-up.  This tip when used with the first point can be most effective.

Newspaper inserts / Pamphlets:

When small businesses do not have extravagant budgets to create audio-visual advertisements that are displayed across the television channels or put up big billboards along the main roads, sending out advertising material in the form of newspaper inserts and pamphlets are an effective method of marketing a small business. Make sure the name of the business, along with address, contact phone number, email address and websites are mentioned along with the owner's name. 

Social gathering:

Social gatherings can be an apt place to set up an awareness of one's small business.  Again, word of mouth plays an important part. 

Complimentary services or products:

Customers love it when they are given additional free services or products. At times it doesn't have to be anything big, expensive or glamorous.  Just the very act can bring back customers for more of the business.


Website / Blog / Webinars:

In today's world, one cannot but be creative when marketing small businesses.  Websites and blogs, although having a common platform, can be created creatively that will make a lasting impression on the customer.  Make the most of website and blog opportunities.  Host webinars or videos about your product or service on your website.  This will make it relatively easy for your customers to know what your small business is all about.


Along with blogs and websites, giving opportunities for customers to post their feedback on your business can be an effective way in marketing your small business.  Allow customers to share their happy and disappointing moments.  While happy moments bring in more customers, disappointments can be opportunities for business improvement.

Loyalty programs:

Most businesses today conduct loyalty programs for customers.  Since customers are the ones who bring in business, gratitude in the form of loyalty programs go a long way in retaining customers while attracting new. 

Host programs:

Contests like art, singing & cooking can create interest in one's business.  When customers become interactive with a business, the chances of them being long term benefactors to a business are high.  These programs may be conducted when business is dull.

Holiday season activities:

Make the most of the festive season with fanciful, colorful and interactive activities.  Sponsor one or more programs at fairs and public gatherings.  During this time, have banners put up in places which have the most traffic. 

While one might consider a business to be small and insignificant, there are many ways to creatively market a small business and make it a profitable income.  As many businesses as there are, such are the ways to creatively market them, as one's need differ from the other.  But all in all, keeping the above points in mind, one can have an effective set of creative marketing tips for their small business. 

Image Credit: nairabrains.com