Book Review: The Fires of Waterland, by Raymond Alexander Kukkee


The Fires of Warerland

  Book Name:The Fires of Waterland

 Author: Raymond Alexander Kukkee

 Genre: Historical Fiction

 Publisher: Redmund Productions

 Rating: 5 stars

 Short Review: Brilliant, excellently written and nothing short of a bestseller.








Is that incoming I hear, or yet another book release by Raymond Alexander Kukkee? 

Incoming Bytes

 'The Fires of Waterland' by Raymond Alexander Kukkee is a bestseller in the making. Published less than a fortnight ago, it has hit the e-world stands to make its mark in the world of young adult, historical fiction, published by Redmund Productions. The book is to be released in print by mid-February this year. 

Fletcher Carnival William is the protagonist of the book. Most of his story is set in a place called Waterland. He has a very disturbing childhood, a broken home and is faced with the darker phases of life in the orphanage. It does not take much to know, apart from various abusers, there are in fact people who love, show respect and 'adopt' Fletcher, in a way. There is also the main female character, Livvy Manlin, whose life revolves parallel to and around Fletcher. Her life spells a similar story of abuse. As they grow up, can Fletcher be there for Livvy the way he would like to? Can Livvy avoid the abuse that torments her life right from her childhood? What becomes of Fletcher and Livvy? Who are Floyd and Jack, and what are their roles in the story?

Raymond takes us through yet another style of writing which is brilliant and full of surprises. His earlier book, 'Morgidoo's Christmas Carol' is a Christmas classic, exceptional and one of a kind; one that is apt for all age groups, especially children. However, with 'The Fires of Waterland', Raymond takes the reader through the darker stories of life. The book contains adult content with strong language and is specifically meant for the mature reader. Be warned, if you are offended by abusive language, you might want to think twice about reading this book. However, should you do, you will not be sorry, for this writer has successfully woven a well-crafted story along with scandalous settings to bring you face to face with the harsh realities of life.

Earlier today I asked Raymond what his inspiration was, behind the creation of this book, to which he answered "muse, imagination and stream of thought". 

This book is brilliant, excellently written and nothing short of a bestseller.


You may purchase your ecopy of  'The Fires of Waterland' at Redmund Productions.