The Waldgrave Series by A.L. Tyler

Review by MJ Logan

Image of the book cover from Arrival of the TravelerThis book is a single novel that spans three books.

Total length three books: 260,000+ words
Rated: 5 stars
Genre: Young Adult, Gothic Paranormal Mystery
Inside: Deception, love, murder and a twisted destiny.


This series of three books is not a trilogy, but a single complete story. Plan on reading all three books beginning with "Arrival of the Traveler" or you'll only be disappointed.

Waldgrave is a well written, intriguing tale that would easily fit front and center in a bookstore window. Very few technical errors mar the reading, with one or two instances of abrupt time-line changes, but nothing that detracts from the overall experience. Addisyn L. Tyler grabs your attention early and keeps it until the very end, and then...

Once you pick up "Arrival of the Traveler," don't plan on heading to bed early. From beginning to end, this series keeps you turning the pages and any promises of "just one more chapter" will quickly turn into finishing the book in the wee hours of the morning.

The Story

When Lena's father dies in a train wreck, Lena's world is turned upside down. Her life changes from world traveler to a virtual captive prisoner in the huge family mansion.

A.L Tyler weaves a page-turning tale that takes us from Lena's awakening into the world of the Silenti to making a place for herself that isn't ruled by others. Along the way we meet villains and heroes, friends and enemies, and those seeking power and their own inclusion in the Silenti world. Will Lena's family help her, or hurt her? In a world governed by family and Silenti politics, Lena's own plots and intrigue could mean the difference between freedom or her own murder.

The family secrets are slow to reveal themselves and it isn't long before Lena discovers that all is not as it appears. Her first big shock reveals her mother is alive, and didn't die giving birth to her daughter as she was told. Her second shock is that the family history is more twisted than she could have imagined. As if that isn't enough, the Waldgrave property is more than it appears, just like the rest of the family.

Why did her father lie about her mother's death? Who is her mysterious grandfather? Can she trust her mother or the boy who isn't quite whom he seems?

Step into the Waldgrave Mansion, into the family home of the Darays and discover a world of politics, mystery, intrigue, murder and ancient secrets.

Lena seeks elusive peace and happiness and only one person can help her escape, but can she trust enough to let that happen?


Waldgrave Part One: Arrival of the Traveler. Here we meet Lena and her family with all their secrets, history and politics, along with some startling revelations about her Silenti heritage and what it means for Lena. Along the way she makes some friends and some powerful enemies.

Waldgrave Part Two: Deception of the Magician. Secrets and lies have a way of twisting themselves into a tangled web, and that is exactly what Lena begins to discover about her grandfather and her family. Somehow, Lena has to find a way to make her family trust her so she won't be a prisoner for the rest of her life.

Waldgrave Part Three: Secrets of the Guardian. Just when you think you have the family figured out, and know who is who, we find the lies and deceptions are only hiding more secrets, and Lena flees for her life with a child who isn't hers, but can't live without her.

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A.L. Tyler grew up in Broomfield, Colorado; she still lives there with two turtles, two cats, and a husband. She enjoys gardening, crafting, art, and gaming, as well as the more author-ly pursuits of reading, writing, and cover design. She is an indie author, and can be found at her blog: A.L. Tyler on blogspot.

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