Book Review: Economic Food Storage Strategies for Disaster Survival

by Sandy Gee

Economic Food Storage Strategies for Disaster Survival by Sandy GeeBook Name: Economic Food Storage Strategies - for Disaster Survival

Author's Name: Sandy Gee

Genre: Social Science - Disaster Relief

Print: 85 Pages (248 KB)

Publisher: Hawson Books (June 3, 2013)



Rating: 5 Stars

Short Review: Economic Food Storage Strategies for Disaster Survival by Sandy Gee is a timely book on surviving the aftermath of natural disasters. It is packed with useful information and makes the reader aware of the different forms of dangers one faces after a natural calamity. 


Economic Food Storage Strategies for Disaster Survival is a book written by Sandy Gee.  Gee puts her knowledge to good use in this book. She has collected an enormous amount of information into a small yet comprehensive survival guide, which will help you understand and organize what you have to do to prepare for any probable disasters.

Gee has researched her content well and has provided a great deal of information on food-storing methods that could save many lives in the aftermath of disaster. This book is packed with useful guidelines and suggestions for daily healthy and dietary essentials.

These are the things that you are going to get in this book:

  • How to prepare before any natural and other probable disasters
  • How to store basic needs like foods, fresh water, clothes and so on
  • How to maintain enough calories per day
  • How to keep food fresh and avoid contamination from microbes, mold, and bacteria
  • How to protect stored food from dirt and chemical contamination
  • How to control pest, parasites and vermin
  • How to be aware of botulism—food poisoning

As a food-storage expert, Sandy mainly focuses on how to preserve foods on a short and long term basis and how we can use stored food in our home and prepare for crisis. Apart from this, there are many useful tips and alternate ways to survive when stored food runs out.

Generally, we are unaware of the fact that the aftermath of any disaster could bring even worse situations because either we have not experienced such circumstances in our lives or we are too busy to know about it. This lack of awareness could actually put many people’s lives in danger. We over-indulge in the supply chain for basic needs and amenities. By becoming aware, we can prepare ourselves for probable future catastrophes. In this way, we can save our loved ones and many lives during critical situations.

The author has taken great pains to discuss such necessities and she has succeeded in showing that we can survive any disaster by preparing before it happens. For that, we have to learn every detail from food storage strategies, maintaining stored foods by keeping them fresh, cooking stored food, and using food safety rules to ensure food is good for consumption. All these details are covered comprehensively, yet concisely in this book. I would recommend you read this book - in preparation and hindsight of calamities that have taken place and how you may avert added damage upon damage. 

(This book review has been written by Sadeep Man Tulachan)