Meet Raymond Alexander Kukkee - Author of Morgidoo's Christmas Carol

Raymond Alexander KukkeeHi Raymond.  Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by Mandy’s Pages.   I know you’ve mentioned this many times before, but for those who are not familiar with your writing or what you have to offer, would you be so kind as to introduce yourself?

I am a Canadian freelance writer.  I was born in, and have lived  in Northwest Ontario on the North side of Lake Superior  close to Thunder Bay most of my natural  life.  I am married and I am a habitual observer of humanity.  I love the great outdoors, all aspects of nature, and gardening.  Curiously, my interests are primarily in the arts, writing and humanity itself, but my working background was oriented around industrial processes, science and technology.  

It is interesting that you took to writing on a serious note, considering you have a very different work background.  How did you get started writing?

I began writing bits and pieces back in school and discovered that I actually enjoyed writing although my first efforts were substantially shy of literary quality.  Then in college, a professor of mine happened to scribble a comment   in red letters on one of my economics papers saying "You write very well!"  That comment stuck in my mind as an anomaly for the longest time. I think it changed my way of thinking about my own abilities -and is certainly partially responsible for my taking writing seriously. 

Last year you released your book ‘Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol’ in various ebook formats. Tell us what your book is about; the back cover version of your book.

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is a new Christmas classic for people of all ages. In the Age of Light, Christmas was celebrated joyously and people were happy. George Blister III is the official bell-ringer in the Hamlet of Blister. The Great Silver Bell is lost. Bells no longer ring anywhere, people become unhappy, even forgetting how to celebrate Christmas,and snow, which used to be warm as popcorn, turns cold.

Centuries later, Morgidoo, a young boy whose father perished looking for the lost bell, learns more about the story of the Great Silver Bell from his friend Button Blister.

Morgidoo believes the legend and searches for the bell and a return to the magic of Christmas.... 

Behind every successful writer is...

… the drive to tell a story. Not just any story, but a specific story that is lodged in the mind for a very specific reason.  Until that story is told-written or otherwise, it is a compelling force.  Having the will to pursue and tweak that specific dream is a wonderful thing.

In order to be able to write with consistency, I’m sure you must have burned a lot of midnight oil, pursuing your dream as a writer.  How much time a day do you spend writing?

How much time do I spend NOT writing might be easier to answer. I spend hours each day, and at times, the greatest percentage of my time is spent writing in one form or the other.   

Incoming Bytes

I enjoyed reading Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol.  I enjoyed it for its simplicity and Christmas spirit.  But what does it mean to you as the author of this book?  

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is a story I felt compelled to tell, because it offers a unique addition to Christmas lore.  I believe it will eventually become a treasured part of contemporary Christmas literature. I think it offers unique elements far from the standard same old 'Santa Clause-St. Nick' themes of Christmas. 

Who should buy your book, and why? 

This book is specifically written in a classic literary style to encourage timeless reading by all ages, and for parents to read to their children. Pictures are added to enhance that process. Anyone who appreciates the magic of timeless Christmas classics will enjoy Morgidoo's Christmas Carol.
 It is offered as an eBook at this time (both Smashwords and Amazon) in a number of reader formats and it is our fondest hope that Morgidoo's Christmas Carol will go to print eventually.  

What advice would you give aspiring authors?

Persevere.... If you want to write, do so.  Tell your story, find your voice, and remain true to it. Write constantly, polish your work. Most importantly, never give up.

What do you hope your readers will grasp from your book (Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol)  on reading it?

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol creates a new legend with an element of magic, and offers hope for the return to joy and old-fashioned values, particularly the value of perseverance. It examines those values and encourages them while entertaining.

You know, Christmas is all about stars and trees and gifts being exchanged… but why did you center your story around a bell? 

 I love the sound of bells. They have always fascinated me.  My wife has a collection of bells, which have always been part of our lives.  A treasured bell lost vs.  the joy of finding it again comes to mind. Each bell is special. 
It is the pure sound of a bell in the mind and the revival of hope that inspired the beginning of this book. 

Once you’ve published a book, there is always an urge to take than next step towards that next book.  Do you have any plans for a sequel or for a fresh book?  Tell us about your writing. 

I write my blog "Incoming Bytes" regularly as you know, and I am examining the possibility of opening my own web site.  We are also in the process of publishing my YA novel   "Fires of Waterland"   with Redmund Productions.  

Raymond, once again, thank you for the honor of this interview.  I have to agree that Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol is a beautiful story; well written and artfully illustrated.  Just as my son loved your story, I’m sure that many more kids will get the chance to read and enjoy it.  I wish you all the best with your future writing endeavors. 


Is that Incoming I hear… or the bells of Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol?  


 Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is available at  Amazon.