In the Spotlight with J.H. Bográn

Interview by MJ Logan

Image of Author J. H. BogránToday we welcome J.H. Bográn to the spotlight. José, please tell our readers a little about yourself.

Tough question. I dislike speaking about myself―it feels like shameless self promotion. Or maybe it’s because I like to create an aura of mystery. Thriller & Mystery is my preferred genre after all.

Trying to sound different from the official bio, here’s a bit: I was born on the same year The Godfather movie was released. Coincidentally, Mario Puzo’s novel was the second novel I ever read in English. Loved it, re-read it, have blogged about it.

I live in Honduras and, because of its flag, I like to say it’s a five-starred country. Went to Catholic school, married a beautiful woman and have three boys. Have a day job in garment manufacturing. I enjoy reading, watching movies and playing with my kids.

Give us the back-cover version of the book. What is "The Assassin's Mistress" about?

A random encounter leads to deception, love and murder. While vacationing at a ski resort, professional hitman Robert Prescott meets a strange and beautiful woman. They discover passion and embark into a dangerous game hiding their relationship from her powerful husband. Then a further twist of fate makes Robert’s occupation collide with his new found love.

How did you get started writing?

Out of necessity. I skipped school once and knew the principal would demand a signed excuse from my mother. Well, that excuse may be the first work of fiction I wrote. I like to tell stories; writing is the means to that end.

Behind every successful writer is...

…a spouse willing to let you chase the dream.

Well that was a quick, but very good answer. How much time do you spend writing?

Gee, what’s with the tough questions? This one is tricky because I don’t think “writing” is just the typing of the story into the PC. Doing that, I spend a couple of hours at night. However, the thinking of what and how to write I do it while I shower, when I drive, waiting for the elevator. In short, whenever I can. Then there is research, editing. It’s a full time job!

All of those things are part of the writing process. Now that you've finished it, what makes The Assassin's Mistress special to you?

Apart from being my first self-published story, The Assassin’s Mistress is special to me because of its characters; some of them died and I felt their demises. I know I’m supposed to relate to all the characters I create, but this story has some of my favorite ones. So much that I am aching to do a sequel just to visit them again.

I think all writers love their characters and I know that I do. Tell us how The Assassin's Mistress is different from other books in this genre?

Can I say this one is different because I wrote it? [laughs] Now, seriously, it’s terrific tale of love and murder that, so I’ve been told, has that feeling of a classic spy thriller.


It does indeed have that feel and in fact, I wrote that in my review. If you had to recommend your book to a particular audience, who would that audience be?

Fans of mystery/thrillers that enjoy re-reading to find the clues hidden in plain sight that they may have missed on the first pass.

Interesting and true. I went back several times to find those clues. How about some advice for aspiring authors?

Don’t give up. Develop your skills. Learn the take and to give useful critiques. When time and money allows, go to conferences and network with other authors and aspiring authors. Mind what you read--don’t write a romance if you only read thrillers.

Words to live by. Are you working on anything now? What's in the future?

I have two projects in the works; a screenplay for a domestic movie, and I’m writing my next manuscript.

Busy busy, but then that's what makes a writer, a writer. Many thanks for sitting in the spotlight today and I'm sure everyone will enjoy "The Assassin's Mistress"

Be sure to read our review of "The Assassin's Mistress" You can find out more about J.H. Bográn on his website, follow him on Twitter or find him on Facebook.

J. H. Bográn, born and raised in Honduras, is the son of a journalist. He ironically prefers to write fiction rather than fact. José’s genre of choice is thrillers, but he likes to throw in a twist of romance into the mix. His works include novels in both English and Spanish, short stories, contributor to The Big Thrill magazine, screenwriter for Honduras domestic television and movie reviewer for La Prensa.