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Friday's Star: Christy Birmingham

Christy Birmingham is an avid freelance writer and blogger. She writes extensively about social media and technology. Christy is the proud owner of Poetic Parfait, an online community for poetry, music, and inspiration.


Christy BirminghamChristina Pomoni: Hi Christy.  Welcome to Mandy's Pages.  Today is your day and I hope we can showcase you for the wonderful writer you are. Please tell our readers what your name is and how you would describe yourself as a writer?

Christy Birmingham: My name is Christy Birmingham. I am a freelance writer and blogger. I write about social media, technology, and poetry as well. It is quite the combination!


When was the first time you decided to write on a serious note?'  Any significant memory... motivation ... attraction....  ? 

I remember I began to write seriously after an extended period in emotional darkness. I began to gain emotional strength and a self-confidence I had lacked for a long time. When I began to live on my own again, I felt power sitting at my very own desk. Looking back at how far I had come over the last few years gave me strength to write seriously. I had strength to follow my passion for writing. These thoughts still motivate me today.

Well, writing about social media and poetry is quite diverse, Christy! How do you usually find your ideas?

Sometimes I read a post and feel inspired to write a poem based on a line or a photo. Other times I read about current events on social media networks and write an article based on the updates.

And what topics would you best choose from each category you like to write about?

I write extensively about social media and technology.  From these topics, I enjoy discussing current trends, and the way social media is changing the way businesses and consumers interact. I enjoy writing poetry, as well. My poems are as unique as snowflakes and I do love that feature about them!

Do you face writing blocks, or is there anything like a writer’s block for you?

This feeling is rare for me. I write at least a few hundred words a day; it is routine. When I start writing, ideas flow and I gain momentum as my fingers dance on the keyboard.

This sounds great! So, I guess that by being able to write without interruptions, you have gained quite an experience. Would you consider yourself an expert in your field?

Yes. I take pride in being a full-time writer. I understand quality content as well as SEO.

Do you face challenges as a writer?

There are always deadlines for articles and I juggle multiple clients. I do not look at these concepts as challenges but instead consider myself fortunate to write, which is my favorite activity.

You are a very positive person, Christy! So, let me ask you this: if a publisher is to approach your work and review what you write, how do you think they will grade you on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best?

A publisher would grade me at least at an 8. Sometimes an article might need edits but in the end the article is a 10!

You have a very strong command over your skill and work hard at presenting your best when you write.  I'm glad you see 'appreciation' in your clients' responses. And how would you rate your quality of writing from 1 to 10?

I rate my writing as a 10. My poetry has a unique voice. My articles are content-rich and provide the reader interesting details as I use an engaging voice.

Ok, based on your experience and confidence gained, what piece of advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

Be patient. It takes time to build up a portfolio of published articles and to get contracts with clients. The rewards are wonderful, if you continue to apply for positions and seek out opportunities.

What stands out for you when you visualize your future? 

I see myself as the author of a novel. I also see myself spreading positive words and inspiring women with my personal triumphs. I see myself continuing to write and remaining happy.


Thank you so much, Christy! I really enjoyed this positive interview with you!


Poetic Parfait  - Christy Birmingham's poetry 

Christy on Twitter / christybis

Image Credit: Christy Birmingham


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