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Contest Results: Inaugural Tanka Fest 2013 - Tanka'way 

Inaugural Tanka Fest 2013: Tanka'wayWelcome to the Final Announcement at the Inaugural Tanka Fest 2013: Tanka'way at Mandy's Pages: The announcement of the winners. It has been an amazing fortnight of entries earlier this month, with another ten days of excitement, waiting for the results. My sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all the contestants who participated.  Many of you have submitted outstanding tanka, a reflection of dedication to this genre of poetry, while it is apparent that many are totally new to this form.  Regardless of the varying differences in the tanka qualities, I thank each one of you for participating in this inaugural step towards tanka awareness by Mandy's Pages.  I am very proud of you.  It is my earnest wish to take this forward on an annual basis, so you can expect to hear more from me regarding tanka reviews, tanka book reviews, tanka author interviews, discussions and more.  

 Meet the Judges 

Mandy's Pages is proud to announce the following tanka (and poets) as the winners of the

Inaugural Tanka Fest 2013: Tanka'way. 

The Winners of the Certificates of Excellence (Two 1st Place winners) are:


turquoise-blue hyacinths
the color of sky
i visit my sister
who just miscarried


Pamela A. Babusci

Selected by David Terelinck



It would have been
pink --
the water lily
now nourishing a doe's
unborn fawn. 


Alexis Rotella 

Selected by Brian Zimmer     


The Winner of the Encouragement Award selected by Kathabela Wilson is ... 


bulging lilies
about to unzip
—in the bright sun
you reveal yourself
to me

 Sondra Byrnes 


The seven finalists who made it to the third level - Certificates of Merit are ...  


high above me
an eagle soars
into the sky...
I think of you today
behind those iron bars 

Josie Hibbing


this storm
spells the end
of sultry nights
will history show
how hard I tried

 Clive Oseman


In spring on hillsides
Overlooking crowded straits
Purple judas trees
Betray long held secrets of
Many-storied Istanbul 

Kerry Wood


spring: again
the glittering
of a mother’s
broken rose womb 

Ernesto P. Santiago


the split-second
flash of a hawk's swoop 
I wait 
for the sky to return 
to its own blue 

Kala Ramesh


still trying
to bench-press
this weight
the debt
my father left me 

Susan Burch



those trees
what are those trees
jacaranda bloom
small purple velvet gloves 
fall to earth 

N.E. Taylor


  Congratulations to all of you.  Mandy's Pages is very proud of you.  

 An Insight into the Judging Process along with a judge's report

 The Prizes 

1st Prize (TWO) : USD 100.00 + 4 books  + a Certificate of Excellence   (a total value of USD 200.00 each) 

The books are Casting Shadows,  Grevillea & Wonga Vine, and Wind Through the Wheatfields  (donated by David Terelinck),  and

Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka, Volume 1 (donated by M. Kei)  


Encouragement Award : USD 50.00 + a book + a fully-paid, 12-month subscription to Eucalypt + an Encouragement Award certificate 

(a total value of USD 120.00)  Book: Casting Shadows 


Seven 'Finalists' will be awarded  Certificates of Merit along with a book each from Kathabela Wilson. 

Cash prizes have been contributed by Brian Zimmer, Darryl Rozario, Jim Bessey (@ So Write Us) and a couple of anonymous donors. 


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